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Author: *Dr amit kumar singh, ,

JR III Dep of shalya,B.A.M.S(I.M.S,B.H.U)

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Abstract - Ayurveda , the science of life is a part of the ageless vedic heritage of india . Sandhigata vata is one of the commonest joint disorder broadly coming under vata vyadhi and affect to the skeletal system in the geriatrics  because more vulnerability to dhatu kshaya at that span of life .Dhatu kshaya lead to aggravation of vata dosha and produces various type of vatic vyadhies .Now a days joint disorder are one of the main causes of physical problem after the age of 40 . In modern medical science lots of surgical and medical procedures available but due to their side effects and complication . The disease is as such remain challenge to the medical practioner .yogic technique procedure told by acharya for asthi sira , sandhi and vata vikara and it is highly effective without producing any complication in compare to modern surgical procedure . Here I am describing some yogic technique to cure the sponolysis.

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