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Hepatitis- An Ayurvedic Perspective

Hepatitis- An Ayurvedic Perspective

Author: *Dr amit kumar singh, ,

JR III Dep of shalya , B.A.M.S (I.M.S , B.H.U)

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Introduction- Kamala (Jaundice) is a clinical sign of many liver disease. The common cause of jaundice is ‘Hepatitis’ (Swollen Liver) mostly accuring due to infection by hepatotropic viruses. Kamala a disease which has been discussed & explained in detail by Ayurvedic treatise has now become a coined term to stand for diseases such as a Jaundice, hepatitis etc. The term kamala come from ‘’kamam lathi ithi’’ i.e. the one which destroy all desire other derivation is ‘’kayam malaaiathi ithi kamala’’ means which make the body dirty is called kamala. In modern the viral against causing hepatitis are designated viral Hepatitis A, B, C & E of these hepatitis A & E are transmitted by the faeco-oral route. Hepatitis B & C are transmitted through the parenteral route & A certain percentage of the affected individual are not able to clear the viruses from their body & become carrier of the virus B & C. These carrier will develop chronic liver disease including chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis or even liver cancer.

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