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ANTENATAL CARE (an Ayurvedic Approach)

ANTENATAL CARE (an Ayurvedic Approach)

Author: Dr. Sarita Mishra, ,

*S.R & PhD scholar, Department of Prasuti Tantra, Faculty of Ayurveda, IMS, BHU

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ABSTRACT - Motherhood is the basis of family life which, in turn, is the backbone of all the orders of society. Hence, family life remains protected if the woman is safe and protected. To get a healthy baby from a healthy mother is a big challenge in present scenario because of various factors; Age of marriage, physiological factor, psychological factor, food habits, diseases, environmental factor, and social factors.

Criteria of safe motherhood cannot be attained by a single pathy approach in present era. We are using modern tools and technology to detect any abnormality in mother and fetus, or drug to treat them along with our Ayurvedic concepts which are very useful and having equal relevance to attain the goal of safe motherhood. Even three thousand years ago, Ayurveda had stressed on the importance of safe motherhood. It aims at excellence in the formation of the fetus, its development without anomalies, a comfortable full term delivery, and maintenance of the health of the mother.

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